i2 ACT - Cyber Security is an every changing problem that often results in dire consequences in terms of reputation and financial liability if not done properly.


  • Do you know which regulations apply to your industry, to your business?


  • Do your people know what regulations and practices they must follow on a daily basis?


  • Do you know what to protect, what hardware or software you need, what security measure you must plan for?


The amount of regulations and guidelines for cyber security is fairly robust.  We find that most executive leadership and information technology leadership do not have the time or resources to research, plan, and implement good cyber security practices and documentation. 


Imprimis, Inc. developed the Assessment and Compliance Tool (ACT) suite of products as an easy way to navigate the regulations, document your progress, and prepare for internal and external audits.  Each tool contains a variety of regulations specific to an industry.  Currently, we have tools for NERC, DFARS, and FISMA regulations.  We align our products with guidelines from NIST, DHS, and other leading cyber security organizations.