Imprimis Completes Tactics/Behavior Training for THAAD Replacement Training

Employees of Imprimis Inc. completed the second iteration of THAAD Operator replacement training. Students in this course include soldiers who are going to man the fire control crews for the first THAAD battery, Alpha Battery, 4th ADA Regiment.

Imprimis especially enjoyed training this group of great Americans. Traditionally the classes are half officers and Non-Commissioned Officers and the remainder junior enlisted. This is important because historically, the leaders in the class help mentor the junior soldiers through this tough, demanding course. This class was unique in that it had two junior Non-Commissioned soldiers and the remainder of the class was junior enlisted. The students were bright, engaged and set records for academic excellence.

Imprimis and their prime contractor, Lockheed Martin, teach what is probably the hardest course ever taught for Air Defense Artillery battery level personnel in the history of the U.S. Army. The tactics and behavior portion of the course was developed to Training and Doctrine Command standards. The examinations are closed book for the tactics/behavior portion of the course and the exam passing score for all portions of the course is 90%. In order to understand the engagement algorithms of the system, the students are taught college level science and mathematics ideas. In order to succeed, the students have to engage in class and study very hard.

A big HUAH from i2 to the soldiers of A/4! They might defend you and me someday and we should be confident they will succeed.