Imprimis develops training based on the customer's System Approach to Training.  We incorporate Operational Baselines which include tactical and technical tasks in an integrated outline.  The Warfighter is involved throughout the development process.

Imprimis has Tactical Contol Officer experience with THAAD, GMD, Patriot, and Aegis. Our course material has received several accreditations.


  • Certified, experienced instructors.
  • Solid ISD Practices.
  • The i2 Training Database facilitates the SAT proces.


  • Course Development
  • Instructional Systems Development (ISD)
  • TRADOC 350-70
  • Computer Based Training (CBT/Multimedia)
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Instructional Planning
  • Task Baselining
  • Platform Instruction
  • Testing and Instructional Evaluation
  • Operational Support



Imprimis developed and manages course curriculum for the THAAD Operator’s Course.  We began working for the THAAD Program Office then transitioned under the Prime contractor for THAAD, Lockheed Martin.  Imprimis provides classroom instruction and gunnery simulation training for Soldiers, Trainers, Engineers, and Senior Staff on “how to fight” the system. 



Imprimis provides Army training and subject matter expertise to behavioral science research with the Army Research Institute (ARI).  Our research focus ensures practical application in the areas of performance measurement for collective training.  Some of our research projects include:

Performance Measurement:

      Aviation Collective Simulation Training – Developed Performance Measures and tablet applications for evaluating aviation teams in simulation environments.

      Aviation Collective Simulation Evaluation – Provided recommendations for efficiencies and change management for training using existing simulator inventory (i.e. upgrades to training leveraging existing simulation capability).


UAS and Manned-Unmanned (MUM) Collective Training – computer-based games to teach aviation doctrinal/tactical communication skills; measurement and feedback for communication skills; research with Combat Aviation Brigades (CAB) deploying with organic UAS assets.


Soldier-Centric Learning (Army Learning Model)

  • Mobile Applications – Company Level training at the point of need.
  • Skills Selection and Trending - Squad: Foundation of the Decisive Force (SFDF).
  • Game-Based Content - Ethical Situation Computer Based Training for Field Grade and Higher.

Our process - i2 Train

i2 TRAIN  produces a workforce that can think on their feet and react to dynamic, stressful situations…post-training!  The i2 TRAIN process is a unique approach to Instructional Systems Design (ISD) models.  We analyze and integrate technology as a role within the training development process.  We create tasks for both the user and the technology itself which allows us to create expertise faster than traditional methods that only teach how to use technology.  


The problem exists in that people must mentally bridge multiple, disconnected sources of data.  To be fully trained, it is imperative they know how to get the information they need and how their systems work in order to respond appropriately to the situation.  Your people will never know how to realize their full potential if their training is only on how to use the system.  The i2 TRAIN process is designed to implement “deliberate practice” techniques that teach the behavior of the system and how to make informed decisions based on the capabilities and limitations of the systems they use.

We apply this methodology to our work with THAAD, Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) aviation research, and Cyber Security.  However, its applicability applies to any human-in-the loop process where a complex system provides analysis and data for decision-making.